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Welcome to my Web site! this is dedicated to all who served our country

       Well my Military life started in 1967 when I turned 18 there wasn't much to do with my life so I chose to join the marines and make something of myself Become a man and see the world Little did I no I would become a man in Vietnam. That's part of the would I wished I had never seen. But we all no when our country needs us some of us are willing to go. After I got out of the corps I didn't want anything to do with the military. Little did I no that my life would change in a couple of years. in the meantime for a couple of years I let my hair grow, if you don't believe me look at this picture < after a couple of years I joined the National Guard of course it had to be a Army 105th infantry  ground humping at it best. This was ok for a few years but there was no rank above E6 and I felt it was time to move on. I heard about a engineer unit that was also a Drill Sgt unit so I decided to check it out well to make a story short I made master Sgt in 3 years. But I liked being a drill Sgt so much I gave up master Sgt and went back to SFC and stayed their for almost another 15 years.


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