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This is a picture of our base sign

         PFC Shershon - PFC Waley             Cpl Crafton-Gonzoles-Selva         Cpl Baxter-Felex-Williams-Sq.Leader Cpl Collett

Inspection Time was no different then being at home


      l/cpl Inay - l/cpl Henry                   Bunker on Base                          Front wall on base


        Freedom Hill USO                         C141 Landing                                       C130                                                                          


Da Nang River   Cpl Krestser           Cadle - Barnett {myself}         Jerome Folman


Our 2 Christmas Trees That year




 This is the Same picture some faces can be seen better if you know any of these men please email me or send them my email address

 12-6-04 Update Found     Gonzoles - Cadle

L/R Whaily - Collett - Anderson - Thomas - Baker -Silva - Felex - Gonzoles - Baxter - Williams - Skershine -Crafton

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